Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:10PM
A 7,500-year-old skeleton discovered in Iran's Markazi (Central) Province.

A 7,500-year-old skeleton discovered in Iran's Markazi (Central) Province.

An ancient skeleton, dating back to almost 7,500 years ago, has been unearthed during archeological excavations in Sarsakht Olya village in Shazand located in Markazi Province. Archaeologists discovered the skeleton while it was buried in squatting manner along with a number of ancient remains at a depth of 22 meters under a hill in the village. Several hand-made lithic dishes, a bony awl, flint stone and some other ancient relics were excavated along with the skeleton that may testify the belief in the afterworld life, said head of the team Ghafour Kaka. Furthermore, archaeologists excavated over 100 pieces of human and animal stone statues, stone tools and potteries at the site. A sample of the finding has been sent to the prestigious universities in the world to determine its precise antiquity, Kaka noted. He also emphasized that study on these findings could provide valuable results about the civilizations during the Iron Age and the Ashkanid Era. Markazi province is considered to be one of the ancient settlements on the Iranian plateau. Numerous remaining ruins indicate the antiquity of this area. Sarsakhti Olya Village is located 11 kilometers from Shazand city in Markazi province. FGP/SS
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