Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:12AM
Deadly violence has spilled-over from Syria; claiming lives and inflicting on Tripoli residents great material losses. These ongoing clashes in Lebanon's North are believed to be the progeny of the violence in Syria and the result of the so-called Free Syrian Army's infiltration through the porous Lebanese-Syrian borders.
A ticking time bomb, was the expression used to describe the situation in Lebanon's Northern coastal city of Tripoli after a newer spillover of deadly violence from Syria was recorded last night. The flare-up, which left three people killed and fourteen others injured, took place between the anti-Syrian Leadership group from Bab Al-Tabaneh region and the pro-Syrian Leadership group from Jabal Mohsen region. The Lebanese Army, which has been heavily deployed in Tripoli lately, steadfastly intervened to maintain stability after some referred to using heavy and medium arms as well as snipers. As a result, the Lebanese U.S-backed Future movement, which has enforced the anti-Syrian approach in Lebanon since the beginning of unrest in Syria, was prompted to call on the Lebanese Consensus-PM Najib Miqati to resign blaming him for this turmoil. On the other hand, Arab Patriotic Movement Spokesman, Ali Faddah slammed Future Movement's calls accusing the later of providing Arab money and havens for militants and mercenaries and inciting violence in the North to serve a suspicious agenda. Meanwhile, Lebanese Interior Minister, Marwan Charbel, has called on Lebanese Prime Minister Miqati to provide more political cover for the Lebanese Army and Security Forces to act more firmly in Tripoli to acquire stronger foothold thus sparing Lebanon any escalation in violence. The unending saga of violence in Lebanon's Northern city of Tripoli has intensified since the beginning of unrest in Syria especially with insurgent members of the so-called Free Syrian Army infiltrating into this region. People here say that until an international solution is achieved to end the conspiracy against Syria, their city will remain hostage to these conflicts that have claimed tens of lives and injured hundreds others