Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:13AM
Freshly arrived into Jammu, Rohingya Muslims who have fled Myanmar’s sectarian violence, reveal the inside story of human rights violations at the hands of Buddhist authorities .
Far away from the borders of their home land hundreds of displaced rohaynga Muslim families are living under the plastic tents in the Jammu region of Indian administered Kashmir. The mass exodus of Muslim community in Myanmar has insisted thousands of young old and small to leave their country and live with a status of refugees, having that they enjoy least of the rights to live. Haunted by the persecution at the hands of Burmese Buddhist authorities thousands of rohingya Muslim are living under deplorable conditions all over India Muhammad Fareed has just arrived to Jammu rohingya refugee camp, after facing the worst situation back home he fled to Bangladesh where the Bangladeshi authorities arrested him and sent him back to Myanmar, later he managed to escape from Myanmar again and came to India, however he realizes that he is an un wanted guest in this country too Fareed told presstv that all communication channels have been blocked for Muslims and that’s why people of the world seem unaware of their situation . Belonging to the rakhine state of Myanmar these families have horror torture tales to say. They accuse Myanmar army as well as the Buddhist residents of assaults unlawful killings and destruction of land and property And now none of these refugees want to return to Myanmar since they are aware it’s the government decision to expel Muslims from the country. Although some have been lucky enough to flee the wrath of genocide in Myanmar, tens of thousands are relying on international community for survival shahana butt presstv Jammu