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Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:32AM
Iran will export 200MW of electricity to Syria.

Iran will export 200MW of electricity to Syria.

Iran and Syria have signed two memoranda of understanding (MoUs) on the expansion of bilateral cooperation in the fields of electricity and water. The agreements were signed by Iran's Energy Minister Majid Namjou and Syrian Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis and Minister of Water Resources Bassam Hanna on Thursday. According to one agreement, Iran will export 50MW electricity at the first phase to Syria via Iraq. The figure will climb to 200MW at the next step. Iran's private companies will build and complete power plants in Syria and supply equipment for electricity network and distribution. Iranian experts will also hold training courses for Syrian workforce in the field of electricity engineering. Based on the MoUs, Iran and Syria will also bolster cooperation on ways to use modern energies. According to the other agreement, Tehran and Damascus will cooperate to export technical and engineering services and implement projects in such areas including water and waste and dam building. SF/GHN/MA
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