Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:32AM
As the UN mission in Syria is extended for a period of 30 days, its new leader, Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye, was introduced to the Syrian government.
3 months have passed since the UN resolution 2059 was issued to dispatch observers into Syria; during this period, a decrease in the military operations has been noticed. The escalation of the armed groups’ operations against Syrian Army led the UNSMIS to stop its works in Syria mid of June. This gave the US and Europe a chance to circle a new draft under the 7th UN mandate on Syria, resulted to double veto by Russia and China. Now half of UN team members under new leadership are assigned to stay for another 30 days to achieve the mission’s goals in Syria. The new leader for UNSMIS Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye says, the mission is after easing the misery Syrians are going through because of this civil war. But experts are wondering how UNSMIS can function while all armed oppositions on the ground are refusing the UN role as a mediator. UN mission in Syria was doomed to failure when Armed and political oppositions rejected to collaborate with them. 30 days is the extended period given to UN mission in Syria to come up with a political solution, Syrians say they welcome any efforts to help bring back stability to Syria stressing that any solution be "Made in Syria".