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Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:22PM
Science fiction author David Farland

Science fiction author David Farland

US science fiction author Dave Wolverton with the pen name of David Farland has won the grand prize for the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival. Farland’s young adult fantasy thriller Nightingale beat out all other participated books in both genres of fiction and nonfiction. Born in 1957, Farland received his award and the cash prize during a ceremony held in Hollywood on Saturday, July 21. Published by East India Press, the book narrates the story of sixteen-year-old Bron Jones who was abandoned at birth and raised in foster care until he meets a marvelous teacher. She recognizes that Bron is a nightingale, not a human. Farland has received several awards so far such as the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for Best Novel in the English Language (science fiction) and the Whitney Award for Best Novel of the Year (historical fiction). On My Way to Paradise (1989), Wheat fields Beyond (1993), A Very Strange Trip (1999), My Favorite Christmas (2001) are some of his better known works. The Hollywood book festival is an annual competition that focuses on the books that deserve greater attention from filmmakers, television, and multi-media communities. FGP/PKH
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