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The United States has a culture of violence that is resulted from the right of carrying arms “whether it’s written into the constitution or not,” an American analyst says. “We have a culture of violence that is drummed into our children and expresses itself in American exceptionalism in our foreign policy,” reporter for OPED News, Sherwood Ross, told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Friday. The comic-book heroes, like superman and Batman, have become a role model for the people, who try to imitate them and take the law into their own hands and do whatever they want, he added. His comments came after a 24-year-old American killed 12 people and injured 59 others in a shooting rampage in a movie theatre in the state of Colorado in early Friday. The masked gunman opened fire at viewers during the screening of the new Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises in Century Theater Cinema. “It is this thinking that people believe they can go into any theater and shoot up anybody, where they can shoot the president, where they can murder one president or they can wound another president or they can shoot another member of Congress,” Ross noted. The commentator expressed dismay over the use of guns and acts of violence, which has led to the killing of many Americans over the past years, stressing the need for a change and an end to such violent actions. “There is just and has been no end to it in the last 50 years. It has got to be time for a change, and the question is when are the American people going to do something about it? How many Columbines is it going to take? How many Aurora, Colorados? How many Miamis? There has got to be an end to it,” he stated. The veteran reporter further cited poverty as the origin of crime and violence, particularly in the US poor neighborhoods, where, he said, people are struggling with others for the basic necessities of life. There would be no end to the gun battles across the United States, even if 100 gun-banning laws are passed, unless the American president does something for the black people and improves job opportunities or housing and gives people a reason to live with dignity and respect, he went on to say. “The country is being run by the military-industrial complex. This country is slipping into dictatorship. The people of the world have got to be made aware that it is dangerous. It is armed and dangerous. They are spending 700 billion dollars for war. They are spending, by contrast, half a billion dollars for the Peace Corps. Those figures have got to be turned around,” Ross concluded. AO/HN