Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:0PM
A huge official and popular funeral was held for former Syrian defense minister General Abdullah Dawood Rajha in al-Qassa’a neighborhood in Damascus. The funeral coincides with heavy clashes being reported in various parts of Damascus and its countryside.
Syrians have marched to the Holy Cross church in the Syrian capital Damascus to take part in the funeral procession of former defense minister Abdullah Dawood Rajha who was killed in the attack on the national security building. The body was carried on people’s shoulders as they shouted slogans glorifying the army's sacrifices for the country’s security. A Large number of high-ranking army officers also attended the funeral. The Syrian people stressed that they will continue to defend the country. Syrians said such attacks are the result of further arming and funding armed groups by some countries. Following the prayers, the body was taken to its resting place while the crowds cheered and saluted the Syrian Arab army for eliminating armed groups. Top security officials were the target of the latest attack in the capital. Syrians in the funeral here said they are also willing to sacrifice their lives for the security of their homeland. Meanwhile, clashes in Damascus continue. After several days of heavy fighting, the Syrian army secured al-Midan neighborhood and cleared it from armed groups. The bodies of the armed men were scattered on streets and inside houses. Field hospitals and factories for making explosive charges were also found. Logos for the foreign backed armed militants naming themselves as the so-called Free Syrian Army were among the weapons and materials confiscated. The weapons included machine guns, Klashnikovs and grenades. Fierce confrontations have been also reported in Damascus countryside, mostly al-Qaboun and Sayyeda Zeinab.