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Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:1PM
Behdad Salimi

Behdad Salimi

We are mentally prepared to earn the highest ranks in the Olympics." Iran’s Weightlifting Champion Behdad Salimi
Iran's super heavyweight Behdad Salimi says the country’s weightlifting squad is ready to bring gold medals home from the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Press TV reports. “It is now seven months that we have been training day and night at camps. Our team is well prepared in strength, fitness and stamina. In addition, we are mentally prepared to earn the highest ranks in the Olympics,” Salimi told Press TV. London will be hosting the 2012 summer Olympic Games, where over 10,000 athletes from over 200 nations will be attending. Former Weightlifting World Champion Hossein Rezazadeh expressed hope that the weightlifting team will show a good performance in the Olympics, saying that all six members of the team are qualified for the tournament. Meanwhile, Iran's Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Mohammad Abbasi expressed hope that Iran’s flag to be hoisted high in the summer Olympics. Iran's weightlifting is the first chance for getting gold medals. Sohrab Moradi and Kianoush Rostami will compete in the 85-kilogram category, and Saeed Mohammad-Pour in the 94-kilogram of the competitions. In the 105-kilogram, Navvab Nasir-Shalal is Iran's representative in the tourney. Behdad Salimi and Sajjad Anoushirvani will travel to London in the +105-kilogram AGB/HGH
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