Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:48PM
Despite a 2007 contract, Russia has still not supplied Iran with S-three-hundred air defense missiles. Moscow claims that United Nations Security Council sanctions against Tehran ban it from supplying Iran with the systems. But experts reject the claim, arguing that the contract does not violate the sanctions. They've warned Moscow against jeopardizing its geopolitical interests.
The contract to supply Iran with air defense S-300 was signed in late 2007. Despite the advance payments in 2010, former Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, signed a decree on measures to implement the fourth sanctions resolution in the UN Security Council against Iran, which called for a ban on the transfer of S-300 to Iran. The issue of Iran’s support, and renewal of the contract to supply Iran with S-300, was officially questioned by the Chairman of the Public Council. In his statement, Mr. Korotchenko, also pointed to Moscow's interest in supporting Iran, including its defense capabilities. According to experts, there is evidence indicating that Iran holds a few S-300, delivered from Belarus. Though Washington recognizes that the sale of S-300 to Iran does not violate the UN Security Council Resolution on Iran's nuclear program. Russia as of today still has not renewed the agreement for the supply of S-300. However, according to experts, it would be a logical step for maintaining Russia’s geopolitical interests in the region.