Tuesday Jul 10, 201205:57 PM GMT
Obama will lose reelection for seven reasons: Spiegel
US President Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama
Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:38PM
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A German weekly has published an analysis saying that as US President Barack Obama gets ready for reelection; his chances of winning are quite dim because he has failed to fulfill most of his election promises.

The article published by the weekly Der Spiegel noted that Obama has a long list of unfulfilled promises on his track records as he approaches the end of his term in office, but his failure in seven areas will specially prevent him from winning the reelection.

The article then noted that the US economic crisis is the first hurdle Obama faces as his economic performance has been untenable with soaring unemployment and widespread disillusionment among Americans which is manifest in the ongoing “Wall Street Occupation” movement.

The aftermath of the financial crisis in the European Union, Der Spiegel added, and the failure of the Obama administration in helping the EU to manage the crisis is the second factor which has cast serious doubts on a second election win by Obama.

Washington has also proven inefficient in ending the war in Afghanistan after more than ten years despite Obama’s election promises that he is bent on promoting peace and taking US soldiers out of the war-stricken country, the report said.

During the past years, however, US policies in Afghanistan have endangered not only the lives of Afghan civilians, but also sent thousands of US-led forces to their deaths, it added.

Der Spiegel further mentioned domestic mismanagement as another impediment to Obama’s reelection. The article said Obama has not been able to efficiently tackle challenges facing the White House and has not been even able to sway much influence on the Congress either.

The German weekly added that adopting unilateral policies and following suit with former US President George Bush’s belligerent policies has also marred Obama’s presidency to the extent that he is unlikely to win another term in office.

As for Iran, Der Spiegel said, by reiterating that all options are on the table to stop Iran's nuclear energy program, and that the US will spare nothing to support Israel, Obama has failed to keep his earlier promise that the US under his rule will not think about going to war with any country. As a result, the world public opinion now knows that positions taken by Washington are nothing but empty slogans.

Finally, the German weekly noted the US unbridled support for Israel, though not new, has drawn more attention under Obama because due to dire economic problems which face the Americans, they do not want their money to be squandered on supporting Tel Aviv against the defenseless Palestinians.

The report concluded by saying that in view of the above facts, perhaps absence of a powerful Republican rival is the only factor which may help Obama win a reelection against such a bleak background.


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