Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:22AM
An alliance of religious and political parties has held a massive rally in the capital Islamabad to oppose the recent reopening of supply routes for the US-led foreign forces in Afghanistan. Thousands of protestors have chanted slogans against the US and threatened to block trucks carrying supplies for foreign forces.
Anti-US sentiments appear to be running at an all time high in Pakistan. Thousands of activists of political and religious parties have staged a sit in outside the Parliament to protest against the recent government move to reopen supply routes for US-led foreign forces in Afghanistan. They have gathered in the capital Islamabad after a long march, which began from the eastern city of Lahore. The long march, organized by Defense of Pakistan Council, has attracted huge crowds as it took a massive convey of vehicles 40 hours to cover a distance of 170 miles. This is one of the biggest anti-US rallies held in the capital Islamabad in recent years. Organizers say the huge turn out at the protest is a referendum against the government’s decision to resume cooperation with the United States. Pakistan shut down the vital land routes in November last year in retaliation for US air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops. After months of negotiations, Islamabad finally agreed to reopen the route last week in return for US apology for the cross border raid. However, protestors at this rally have strongly condemned the decision. They have demanded of the government not only to block supply routes but pullout of the US-led so-called war on terror. The country’s alliance with the US is highly unpopular due to assassination drone campaign inside the country’s tribal belt. Despite strong opposition, the government insists it has decided to revive ties with the US in the best national interest.