Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:9AM
A cold front is expected to bring relief to more than two-thirds of the United States that has been in the grips of a deadly heat wave. The harsh weather conditions have affected more than 150 millions Americans who have been caught in the oppressive weather.
After days of scorching temperatures many Americans say they have had enough. But as the US literally sizzled over the past week - High temperatures have not just been record breaking - they have been damage making and life taking. The heat wave across 40 states buckled highways and roads, caused three train derailments and has shriveled millions of dollars in U.S. corn and soybean crops. Dry conditions have fueled wildfire across three states. Highs in the triple digits have been attributed to a spike violent crime in cities like New York and Chicago. And the oppressive heat is directly blamed for the deaths of dozens people across the US including a 4 moth old baby who was left in her car seat by her 19 year old father. The electrical drain from air conditioners and other inside appliances has put a strain on the US power grid. At one point, millions of American were either without power or losing it intermittently as utility companies set up so called rolling brown outs - where power is cut from one neighborhood to the next - all in an effort to keep entire electrical systems from shutting down Meteorologists say the US heat wave, though not unprecedented, is unusual. Not only because of how early in the summer it struck but also because of its duration. Many experts point to the affects of climate change created some say by the long-term commercial pollution of the environment While the early part of the week brought some relief to some parts of the country others have not been spared. Millions of Americans will still have to continue to find ways to beat the oppressive heat that has broken more than 15 thousand high temperature records so far this year.