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International aid fails to better Afghans’ lives: Analyst
Mon Jul 9, 2012 4:36AM
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None of the 60 billion that have come to Afghanistan in any shape and form has affected the Afghan people in a positive way.”

Afghanistan expert, Mohammed Duad Miraki

The international donations that have been granted to Afghanistan with the declared aim of helping the development and construction of the war-ravaged country fail to better the lives of the Afghan people, a political analyst tells Press TV.

“None of the $60 billion that have come to Afghanistan in any shape and form has affected the Afghan people in a positive way,” Afghanistan expert, Mohammed Duad Miraki, said in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Sunday.

Only 23 percent of the 60 billion dollars in donations since 2002 has reached the Afghan government and “the rest has been used by international corporations and donors and over-priced experts,” he added.

Miraki’s comments come as an international conference on Afghanistan was held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, to discuss aid from international donors for the war-torn country.

Nearly 70 countries and international organizations have sent their representatives to the gathering, which was held on Sunday.

The international monetary aid to Afghanistan “simply helped the Americans, Europeans and other corporations to remain affluent and profitable,” the analyst went on to say.

Pointing to the prolonged US-led war in Afghanistan and the US intentions to keep its troops in the country for another decade, Miraki reiterated that the United States waged the war against Afghanistan in order to “kill people.”

"They have come to the country actually to kill people," he emphasized.

“You know, occupation is nothing but the deprivation of people. They are obviously advocating war. The whole idea that Hillary Clinton said we will be there to target Taliban, to serve as an agent against the Taliban forces, to support supposedly the Afghan troops, but this beyond 2014 is also going to be a disaster for the Afghan people,” he concluded.

Foreign donors at the conference in Tokyo have pledged to give the war-torn state $16 billion in civilian aid in four years.

While Afghans are in dire need of aid to rebuild their country, certain donors are asking firm assurances from Afghan authorities that the money will be spent on improving governance and to combat corruption.

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