Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:32PM
Two metal detector enthusiasts have stumbled upon an Iron Age coin hoard in Jersey, which they say is one of the largest ever found in Europe. According to the state-funded BBC, the Roman and Celtic coins date back to the 1st Century BCE and could be worth up to £10m. Former Celtic coin expert at Oxford University Dr. Philip de Jersey said the find was "extremely exciting and very significant" and that each coin was worth between £100 and £200. Archaeologists say the hoard weighs about three quarters of a ton and could contain about 50,000 coins. "Sites like these do need protection because there is speculation there might even be more," said Environment Minister Deputy Rob Duhamel adding that he would do everything he could to protect the site. "It is a very exciting piece of news and perhaps harks back to our cultural heritage in terms of finance. It was found under a hedge so perhaps this is an early example of hedge fund trading." Jersey had yielded a number of Celtic coins before, but the largest was found at La Marquanderie in 1935 when more than 11,000 were discovered. “It will add a huge amount of new information, not just about the coins themselves but the people who were using them,” Dr. de Jersey said about the newly found hoard. "Most archaeologists with an interest in coins spend their lives in libraries writing about coins and looking at pictures of coins. "To actually go out and excavate one in a field, most of us never get that opportunity. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity." TE/TE