Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:57PM
Iran’s Mechatronics Research Laboratory (MRL) team dispatched from Islamic Azad University of Qazvin has won the RoboCup Rescue Real Robot League Competitions in Mexico. The team grabbed the first award in the main section of the competition by defeating the Thai team, which was sponsored by large industrial companies, said Head of Iranian National Committee of RoboCup Morteza Mousa-Khani. The third award of the competition went to the other Iranian team, Yazd Robotic Association (YRA) from Islamic Azad University of Yazd, Mousa-Khani added. In the Removal Objects Section, Iran's MRL stood first while the YRA came second, followed by the Mexican team. RoboCup Rescue competitions have been established to improve Robocup Rescue Simulation, aiming to support research project intended to promote the development of robotic agents for search and rescue. The project was initiated in reaction to the Great Hanshin earthquake, which hit Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, on 17 January 1995, and led to the death of more than six thousand people. The 2012 RoboCup Rescue Real Robot League International Competition was held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City from June 18 to 24. FGP/PKH