Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:28PM
The 2012 edition of Poland’s Valise International Theater Festival has awarded an Iranian puppet show performed as a monologue by Hoda Naseh. And He Said: You Will See Today, Tomorrow and the Day After Tomorrow won the Grand Prix of the event held from June 12 to 16 in Lomza. Directed by Zohreh Behrouzinia and written by Nima Dehqani, the show recounts the life story of Persian mystic Mansour Al-Hallaj from his wife's viewpoint. Dehqani has tried to portray Al-Hallaj's family life as a luminary and to present his wife's loneliness from a new perspective. “Our troupe has also been invited to perform the puppet show in Bosnia, Russia and Serbia,” Behrouzinia announced in a press release on Wednesday. Today, Tomorrow, and the Day After Tomorrow has also won the Award for the Best Original Performance at Prague's 2011 World Festival of Puppet Theater. The play's puppeteer Hoda Naseh received the same event’s Best Actor Award. The Valise International Theater Festival is an unusual collage of repertoire - from the classics - to innovational realizations and even experimenting. Street performances, recitals, poetry evenings, and discussion sessions are among different parts of the Polish event. TE/TE