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Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:12PM
General view of Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow (file photo)

General view of Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow (file photo)

The four main subsidiaries of the Iranian Oil Ministry will take part in the 14th International Fair of Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industries (Neftegas 2012) to be held in the Russian capital, Moscow, on June 26-29. During the four-day event, Iran's Oil Ministry will seek to boost strategic cooperation between Iran and Russia for the implementation of the long term oil, gas and petrochemical projects, and the establishment of a common fund and energy bank. Taking advantage of the stock markets of both states to sell oil in either country or a third one, formulating strategies for raising oil and gas prices to their real value, and devising financial mechanisms for energy projects using the national currencies of the two states are among other goals to be pursued by Iran in the Russian fair. This year’s Neftegas fair is held instead of the Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition (MIOGE), whose first edition was held in 1993. The 12th Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition (MIOGE) will be held on 25-28 June 2013, at the Expocentre in Moscow. Neftegas is the biggest trade event in Russia which is also an opportunity for European, Asian and American companies to present their oil and gas industry equipment and products. Neftegas 2012 will be attended by companies from more than thirty countries including Russia, Germany, the United States, France and Britain. The 10th Russian Petroleum Congress (RPGC) will also be held on June 26-27, 2012, at Moscow's Expocentre Fairgrounds with the participation of more than 40 countries. SS/HGH/AZ
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