Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:20AM
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian protesters took to Tahrir Square after a call for a million man march was made by the Muslim Brotherhood, 6th of April movement and a number of other political groups to stand against the latest measures taken by the military council in which it gave itself wide ranging authorities. Protestors all said they were against the court decision to dissolve parliament last week and said that it was clear that the courts decision was influenced by the political scene. A large number of MP's were present in the square after the parliament building was sealed off with security forces. In addition to the protests, scenes of celebration were seen in the square. Muslim Brotherhood Members and supporters celebrated the news coming from the Morsi Campaign that puts him in the lead despite conflicting reports and statements by the Shafiq campaign which is claiming their candidate’s success. Meanwhile, the presidential Elections committee said that it will be reviewing appeals Wednesday and that the final results of the elections will be announced officially on Thursday. Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians came out to Tahrir rejecting what has been described as a military coup but whether the struggle between the Muslim brotherhood and the army will take the form of clashes or remain as a political battle remains to be seen after the official announcement of the presidential results on Thursday.