Wednesday Jun 20, 201208:01 AM GMT
US probe calls for punishment of troops in Afghanistan Qur’an burning
A Pakistani Muslim devotee holds a Qur
A Pakistani Muslim devotee holds a Qur'an as he shouts anti-US slogans during a protest, over the burning of Qur'ans in Afghanistan, in Islamabad on March 2, 2012.
Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:0AM
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A US military probe recommends the soldiers involved in burning the Holy Qur’an in a military base in Afghanistan face disciplinary action, not criminal charges over insulting move.

US military officials say the classified report and recommendations for administrative punishments for eleven service members who were linked to the incident have been sent to the Pentagon more than a week ago.

"The investigation is complete and is pending review," said George Wright, a US army spokesman.

Earlier this year, some American troops outraged Muslims by burning copies of the holy Qur’an at US-run Bagram air base in Afghanistan.

While some will get off scot free, seven might face punishments ranging from a letter in their file to assignment to extra duties.

The decision is likely to make the Afghan people even angrier. Violent protests erupted when the word of the desecration spread. About 40 people, including four American soldiers, were killed in the wake of the burning of the Muslims holy book. The insulting move forced US President Barack Obama to make an apology.

But this was not the first time American soldiers have desecrated the Holy Qur’an. Similar incidents have happened in the past in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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