Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:1AM
In Karachi, once again, after a brief period of relative calm, the incident of targeted killings reminded the rulers and Karachi metropolis that the violence is still far from over. Ghulam Muhammad Amini, a Muslim prayer leader of Shia community's largest Juma Mosque, has been targeted when he was on his way home in the port city of Karachi. Angry demonstrators in this funeral procession, behind me, are demanding their primary right of security and being protected against the rulers which they say have failed so far to respect this right. Shia Muslims in South-western province of Baluchistan and in Northern areas of the country also came under intense attack recently when over 60 people were targeted in different incidents including attacks on buses carrying Shia pilgrims. According to the Human Rights commission of Pakistan, ethnic, sectarian and politically-fueled violence has killed over 700 people in southern port city of Karachi, in first five months of 2012. Experts believe that the people behind these targeted killings have strong financial support from other countries and with the politicization of law enforcement agencies, coping with these organized killers in the near future will be difficult.