Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:24PM
As George Zimmerman prepares to make his case as to why he should be allowed back out on bail, audio tapes released by investigators provide some of the reasons as to what put him back behind bars. In conversations between the murder defendant and his wife Shelli, recorded after Zimmerman was arrested, show the pair talking about what appears to be their savings account. Prosecutors say those numbers were code for larger sums equaling more than $300 thousand dollars. After he was arrested and arraigned for the shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman claimed he was destitute. The judge set bail at 150 thousand dollars - Even though it appeared Zimmerman’s defense fund website was raising more than a thousand dollars a day. Zimmerman was released and went into hiding. Then prosecutors heard the recorded conversation. They went to judge and claimed they had all been duped, the judge agreed and ordered Zimmerman’s bail revoked and the defendant back to jail. The issue made things more complicated for the couple after Shelli Zimmerman was arrested. She was jailed for perjury after telling the court the family had less money than they really had. Most of the cash being collected is coming from conservative Americans who believe Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin. The teenager was only carrying some candy and a can of ice tea when he was spotted walking through his father’s gated community on February 26th. Ron Kuby is a US Civil Right’s Attorney. He says despite Zimmerman’s credibility issues about his finance, his legal fate will likely be decided by like minded Americans who may automatically associate being black with crime. Zimmerman also asked his wife to use the money to get bullet proof vests for her, him and his lawyer. His next bail hearing is set for June 29th.