Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:37PM
The second and final day of voting in Egypt's presidential runoffs has kicked off. Most polling stations started operating on time amid a moderate to low voter turn out similar to that of the first day. Egyptians are voting in the first free elections in the country's history following the revolution that toppled Mubarak that has placed Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood Candidate against the Ex-Mubarak regime figure Ahmed Shafiq. The campaigns of the 2 candidates running have called upon Egyptians to go out and vote, both saying that their candidate is the only capable of saving the revolution. Through -out the first day both campaigns made accusation against the other, claiming vote buying and promoting candidates in front of the polling stations, practices that are prohibited by Egyptian law but that continued to be reported on the second day. Vote counting is expected immediately after election. Preliminary results are expected hours after the closing down of polls while official results are expected to be announced the Presidential Elections Committee on Tuesday. The Old regime and the Muslim Brotherhood are set against one another in a very close race and it’s a matter of hours before the Egyptian peoples choice becomes apparent. Either way some experts believe that the election of the new president will further complicate the political scene in Egypt.