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Jakarta celebrating 485th anniversary of founding
Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:2AM
Nico Prins, Press TV, Jakarta
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Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia is celebrating its 485th anniversary this month. Nico Prins reports from Jakarta about the celebrations that have been organised and what changes the residents want to see in their city.

To celebrate the 485th anniversary of the founding of Jakarta, the city will be holding the First International Fireworks Festival. This is just one of the 55 activities that will be held in the city.

At least 150,000 people are expected to attend the celebration, which will be held from the 15-17 of June. Other events being held in the city focus on social activities, sport, art and culture and the economy. The Jakarta International Expo and the Jakarta Carnival is just some of the highlights of the celebrations for visitors and residents of the city.

These events are a perfect opportunity for the Government to showcase the development projects they have been working on that will benefit the residents of the city. An especially important issue for the incumbent Governor as this is an election year.

A need for infrastructure development is a major concern voiced by city residents. This fact was highlighted by almost everyone Press TV talked to.

Some residents believe that it is not only important to focus on development issues, but also the most marginalised members of society. Ludo Vicus explains why he thinks the Government should run social programs alongside ones that are aimed at businesses and tourism.

Though people are happy at the chance to celebrate and enjoy these festivities, they have not been distracted from the bigger issues the city faces.
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