Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:32AM
Jakarta plays host to the International Business Expo, one of the largest trade fairs in South East Asia. With over four million people expected to visit, the fair presents a major opportunity for companies that want to promote and sell their products in Indonesia. One hall of the fair is dedicated entirely to goods produced in the different provinces of the country. A Government representative from South Sulawesi explained how this fair offers a unique opportunity to promote local products on an international stage. In total 2,650 firms have booked stalls at the fair. When looking at the range of companies present, it is obvious that most of them are targeting the growing middle class who have disposable income to spend on consumer goods. Automobile, mobile phone and electronics manufacturers, who are so well represented at the fair, reflect this fact. While there are a number of domestic firms with stalls, international corporations are also well represented. These international corporations are interested in increasing their presence in Indonesia, which offers a growing market for their products. To ensure that international companies have complete access to the Indonesian market many international corporations are establishing manufacturing bases in the country. This is part of a strategy to increase their brand presence and sales in the country. It is estimated that half a billion dollars in revenue will be generated at the fair. The organizers hope that this is only the tip of the iceberg and future contracts will be generated as a result of the event.