Thu Jun 14, 2012 9:55AM
Egyptians are getting ready to vote for their candidates in the runoff presidential elections in the next two days. Press TV has conducted an interview with writer and journalist, Ally el-Kabbny to further discuss the issue. The video also offers the opinions of an additional guest, political commentator from Cairo. What follows is a rough transcription of the interview. Press TV: Mr. Kebbay let us have your view on this as well. Would you agree that we are going to see Shafiq stay in the race? And if Shafiq is out of the race, what would be the better option to start all over of for instance to bring the next candidate, which is Sabbahi, up? Kebbany: First I have to say that there is a conspiracy in the political life in Egypt now to abort the revolution. I always have said that the revolution of Egypt surprised all powers internally and regionally and externally and shocked them. But now all these elements of counter-revolution have awakened from their shock and they are working fiercely and very hardly now to regain and reestablish the old regime of Mubarak by putting back Ahmad Shafiq who is another example of Mubarak. He was his student, followed him as a commander of the air forces, a minister in all his governments and the last prime minister which Mubarak put to crush the revolution so any victory for Ahmad Sahfiq will be rigging the election and it will be a fraudulent election. Because we should not forget that the Egyptian people revolted against the like of Ahmed Shafiq and they refused them even as a prime minister. So of course Ahmed Shafiq got five million [votes] in the first round but those are parasites and the hypocrites of the old regime who benefited and sucked the blood of the Egyptian people and looted the Egyptian people’s wealth. So those people will fight to the end to maintain the old regime but my first comment actually …. . Press TV: The next question is the political situation right now that the presidential election is being held in, back to Mr. Kebbany, a lot of confusions Mr. Kebbany. There is still no constitution for Egypt because of the disagreements among MPs, so the president, who be, still does not know the extent of his powers, the parliament itself is at stake since the Supreme Constitutional Court can rule the parliamentary elections are flawed and that brings the question, is this the best time for the presidential polls to be held? Kebbany: Certainly the presidential polls should be held on time because we should not allow the conspiracy to gain time because the main purpose of the conspiracy is to elongate time and this state of confusion and instability is deliberate to confuse the Egyptian people because as you rightly mentioned, why this presidential election committee referred the law to the High Supreme Court of Constitution? Actually it is an administrative committee, it should have respected the law of the parliament and checked out Ahmed Shafiq, but the fact that they referred the isolation law to the High Supreme constitutional law, is to gain time and to absorb anger of the Egyptian people until they manage to support Ahmed Shafiq. So the whole ploy from the beginning is to create this instability and confusion and one also would be surprised to know why the Supreme Court joined the two cases together: the Presidential isolation law and the parliamentary election law. At least they should …the two issues to have one elected body until we get the new president, not to create a vacuum. So the second stage in this conspiracy, is to create a political vacuum in Egypt, in which we do not have a president nor an elected parliament. That is what makes me actually surprised and know that the fingers of the counter-revolution are playing in the political arena to create this instability and to elongate the period until the forces of the counter-revolution regain their power and reestablish themselves again. Press TV: Mr. Kebbany, let us again focus, as our guest there in Cairo did, on the election the two front runners: Mohamed Moursi and Ahmed Shafiq. If we do go with this hypothesis that Mohamed Moursi will be facing Ahmed Shafi, right now we know that Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters have already started protesting for instance, outside of the elections headquarters in one instance saying that they are concerned that the vote is going to be rigged, that they want a list of eligible voters to be showed, that it is not going to be rigged. First of all do you think that the first round of the election was fair? And do you think that that second round is going to be fair as well? Kebbany: You see in a free and fair election Ahmed Shafiq will never win in Egypt and if we assume that the first round was free and fair then the five million or so what Ahmed Shafiq got is the maximum he can get. So this represents 25 percent of the people who gave their votes, those electorates who went to the polling stations and it actually represents less than ten percent of the Egyptian electorates. So ninety percent of the Egyptian people did not vote for him and among those who went to the voting stations, 75 percent did not vote for him and those people will never change their minds and vote for him. So any result in his favor will be a rigged election. MY/GHN