Saturday Jun 09, 201201:44 PM GMT
US Supreme Court approval rating falls: Poll
Sat Jun 9, 2012 1:43PM
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A new poll shows that three out of every four Americans believe the decision of US Supreme Court judges are influenced by their political and personal views, Press TV reports.

The survey released by the New York Times and the CBS found the Supreme Court's approval ratings have dipped to a new low of 44 percent.

Civil rights attorney Ron Kuby said the Court, which has a long history of frustrating the Americans, is designed to work at a slower -- more analytic pace than the Congress or the White House .

“Usually, wherever the politicians are, the court is not. So, invariably they’re going to frustrate a significant segment of the American people, you will never find the Supreme Court getting a 75-percent or 85-percent approval rating, no matter what they do,” Kuby told Press TV.

Kuby added that the Court was always designed to be impartial, but the human nature makes it impossible.

He said that he is actually surprised that the approval rating was not lower.

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