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Thu Jun 7, 2012 6:5AM
Iranian handicrafts (File photo)

Iranian handicrafts (File photo)

Spain has mounted a photo exhibition by contemporary Iranian artist Negar Kamkhah in order to introduce Persian art and handicrafts in the Spanish capital, Madrid. Held at La Paloma hall, The Iranian Artisan by Kamkhah presents 30 photographs depicting Persian craftsmen’s arts including embossing, enameling and tiling in the historical city of Isfahan. According to the organizers of the event that began on June 3, Kamkhah has sought to reveal her identity in the modern times with a new artistic expression by reflecting on Iran’s ancient traditions. Co-organized by the Persepolis Cultural Center and Tritoma cultural management company, the exhibition will run for two weeks. Iran has some 257 handicraft items on its national heritage list and over 116 of its works have received the UNESCO Award of Excellence. MR/GHN
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