Wednesday Jun 06, 201208:58 AM GMT
Afghan bomb attack kills 23, injures 50 in Kandahar
US soldiers stop traffic leading to the governor
US soldiers stop traffic leading to the governor's compound in Kandahar on April 28, 2012.
Wed Jun 6, 2012 8:43AM
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At least 23 people have been killed and 50 others wounded in a bomb attack in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province, police say, Press TV reports.

The bombing occurred on Wednesday when an attacker exploded a bomb planted on a motorbike in a crowded parking lot near the airport in the southern city of Kandahar.

The parking lot was filled with dozens of trucks supplying the Kandahar Air Base, the largest NATO military base in southern Afghanistan.

Kandahar police commander Gen. Abdul Raziq confirmed that all the casualities are civilan.

Raziq said that most of the victims were truck drivers, their assistants and workers.

Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Taliban announced the start of so-called spring offensive, saying the campaign code-named al-Farouq will primarily target “foreign invaders, their advisors, their contractors, all those who help them militarily and in intelligence.”

The so-called spring offensive refers to an annual hike in Taliban-linked violence, which sees a drop in the winter due to the scathing cold and heavy snowfall in the country's rugged mountains where the militants are holed up.

Insecurity continues to rise across Afghanistan, despite the presence of some 130,000 foreign forces in the country.

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