Tuesday Jun 05, 201206:27 PM GMT
Americans head to polls as Wisconsin governor faces recall vote
Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker (file photo)
Tue Jun 5, 2012 6:26PM
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Americans in the US state of Wisconsin have made their way to polling stations for a state governor recall vote, with ramifications pending for the country.

Voters in the US state of Wisconsin have headed to the polls on Tuesday to decide if Republican Governor Scott Walker should be recalled and replaced with Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Democrats collected more than a million signatures to create the special ballot to have him removed and replaced more than two years before the end of his term.

Walker lost support after he enacted policies to cut the state’s budget, while stripping most public employees from their collective bargaining rights.

A Walker loss would mark the third time in America's history that a state leader has been ousted in a voter uprising.

The state of Wisconsin is to play a key role in the November presidential election, seen as supporting President Barrack Obama; however, the recall vote could show favoritism toward Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, candidates and outside groups have spent USD 63.5 million on the recall election - an enormous figure that easily breaks the previous record of USD 37.4 million for spending in a Wisconsin election.

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