Sun Jun 3, 2012 1:26PM
A group of museums and research centers have launched the Global Philatelic Library website, providing the latest information on the world’s philatelic research. The National Postal Museum and Smithsonian Libraries in Washington, DC, the Royal Philatelic Society London and the American Philatelic Research Library in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania are the founding partners of the project. The website offers philatelists a central database to search, locate and access philatelic research from partner libraries in real time, from any computer. Listings of books and publications, as well as resource locations and access, are also part of the services of the new website, Artdaily reported. The website also offers world-class collection of printed, electronic and other media, and provides access and support for beginners, hobbyists, specialists, writers and postal historians. The search engine connects international philatelic libraries and museums around the world and presents an anthology of fascinating and informative articles about philately and some of the people involved in its history. “A large part of the philatelic information I have acquired was discovered incidentally while searching for something else,” said Winton M. Blount Research Chair at the National Postal Museum Thomas Lera. “I hope other philatelists, scholars and researchers will push open the doors of the new global philatelic library to find the answers to their questions and uncover new ones in the process as well.” Other contributing philatelic research libraries include the Collectors Club Library (New York), Greene Foundation (Canada), Oslo Filatelistklubb Bibliotek (Norway), Philatelistische Bibliothek Hamburg (Germany), Postal History Foundation (Tucson, Arizona), Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library (Denver), National Philatelic Society (UK) and Western Philatelic Library (Sunnyvale, California). “The introduction of a centralized gateway must be one of the most important developments ever to have taken place within the ‘philatelic’ world,” said world-renowned philatelist Alan Holyoake. “I fully expect this centralized gateway to rapidly allow philatelists from around the world to not only enhance their knowledge but also establish relationships and friendships with others around the globe.” TE/TE