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Wed May 23, 2012 12:44PM
 in Isfahan.

in Isfahan.

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino says most of what the United States says about Iran is mere propaganda and is bogus. Patino, who is on his second official visit to Iran to discuss bilateral ties with top Iranian officials and further expand trade relations, made the remarks during a tour of Iran’s historical city of Isfahan on Tuesday. “Contrary to American claims, Iran does not seek war at all, but the US mostly lies about our countries,” the minister said. The Ecuadorian official also reiterated that “the only things I observe during my second visit to Iran is peace, friendship and tranquil life among the people of this country.” Touring Isfahan’s major historical sites and tourist attractions in a bike ride accompanied by local officials, Patino described the city as one with great industrial and technological capacity, stating that such potential can play a major role in the import and export of goods between Iran and Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister also praised the historic significance of Isfahan and the beauty of its tourist attractions and underlined that his fellow Ecuadorians would appreciate such beauty and history. He added that enhancing trade and cultural ties is among the objectives of his official tour of Iran. MFB/HJL/AZ
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