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Wed May 23, 2012 2:47AM
The late James Doohan

The late James Doohan

The US private company SpaceX has launched its Falcon 9 rocket into orbit with the ashes of the late Canadian actor James Doohan -- Scotty from “Star Trek” -- and the ashes of more than 300 others aboard. The rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Tuesday, to make space some 390 kilometers (240 miles) above the Earth the final resting place of the men who made space their lives. The rocket, which will be the first private spaceship to ever dock with the space station, is also taking into orbit a 4.4-meter-tall (14.5-foot-tall) capsule called Dragon that is loaded with supplies for the six astronauts living aboard the International Space Station. Falcon’s second stage, which has the ashes aboard, will spend the next year orbiting the Earth after separating from the rocket. The private company’s attempt to launch the ashes of Scotty and 200 others into space failed in 2008. MHB/HGL
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