Sun May 20, 2012 3:30PM
A scene from Mehrdad Oskui’s 'It’s Always Late for Freedom'

A scene from Mehrdad Oskui’s 'It’s Always Late for Freedom'

Iranian filmmaker Mehrdad Oskui’s documentaries have been screened and reviewed at the Austrian Film Archive (Filmarchiv Austria). Oskui’s two acclaimed productions It’s Always Late for Freedom (2007) and Nose, Iranian Style (2005) were reviewed at the Austrian Film Archive on May 18 and 19, 2012. Director and screenwriter Oskui alongside a number of Austrian filmmakers and filmgoers attended the film screening and analysis meeting. It’s Always Late for Freedom recounts the story of three teenage boys in Tehran House of Correction who are the innocent victims of serious social problems such as addiction, poverty, and divorce. The documentary won the award for the best mid-length documentary at the 2008 Hot Docs, a prestigious Canadian international documentary festival. Oskoui's Nose, Iranian Style, which focuses on the epidemic of rhinoplasty in contemporary Iran, won many international awards. Born in 1969, Oskoui started his artistic career as a theatre actor in 1981 and a filmmaker in 1988. As an independent filmmaker and photographer, Oskoui has made nearly 22 successful films and documentaries. He is the founder of Iran's Short Film Society. His 2004 production The Other Side of the Burka won the 2005 Golden Dragon Award of the Cracow Film Festival. Oskoui’s other production Last Days of Winter has won the Blackberry Award of the 24th International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and the Golden FIFOG award of the 7th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva. FGP/PKH
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