Sun May 20, 2012 1:39PM
German media regulatory body BLM has failed to provide legal justification for its decision to ban Press TV, after the channel files a lawsuit against the organization. Press TV's legal team says it has very strong evidence against BLM's decision to ban the channel from a satellite platform in Europe. It also says BLM has provided the court with a poor defense in which it has failed to provide any legal justification for its controversial move. The channel has called the ban "illegal." And, in the lawsuit, Press TV has claimed compensation. BLM took Press TV off the SES Astra satellite platform in early April. The media regulator claimed Press TV had no license to broadcast. However, the channel's legal team has submitted documents to the court that prove Press TV can broadcast under German law. An administrative court in Germany has accepted Press TV's argument and the legal procedures have begun. The court has not yet specified a date for the hearings, but they are expected to start soon. The channel has learned that the satellite platform is also taking legal action against BLM. Press TV has criticized German authorities for their attempt to silence the voice of the alternative news channel. Press TV was taken off the air in Britain earlier this year, almost two years after the British government's media regulatory body, Ofcom, launched a politically-charged battle against the channel. According to Wikileaks' cables, American and British officials discussed ways of limiting the operations of Press TV in a London meeting in 2010. HMV/HGH/MA