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Sat May 12, 2012 3:33PM
A scene from Oskoui’s ‘Last Days of Winter’

A scene from Oskoui’s ‘Last Days of Winter’

The 2012 International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) has awarded The Last Days of Winter by Iranian documentary filmmaker Mehrdad Oskoui. The film, which is about seven Iranian boys talking about their lives in a youth detention center, received the event’s Golden FIFOG award of the 7th edition of the event. The Last Days of Winter was awarded as a film whose “directional style liberates the discourse of the children interviewed as they express themselves with both emotion and confidence.” Daniel Schweizer (Switzerland), Gerard Bejjani (France) and Catherine Kammermann (Switzerland) served on this year’s board of jury. Oskoui’s Last Days of Winter has also won the Blackberry Award of the 24th International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). A graduate of Tehran's University of Arts, Oskoui has made nearly 20 successful films and documentaries, and is the founder of Iran's Short Film Society. His 2004 production The Other Side of the Burka won the 2005 Golden Dragon Award of the Cracow Film Festival. Oskoui's Nose, Iranian Style which focuses on the rhinoplasty epidemic in contemporary Iran, has also won him many international awards. TE/TE
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