Sun May 6, 2012 2:56AM
Suspected al-Qaeda terrorists (file photo)

Suspected al-Qaeda terrorists (file photo)

Morocco says it has broken up a ‘terrorist network’ active in several cities of the North African country that had links to the al-Qaeda terrorist group. The Moroccan Interior Ministry in a statement released on Saturday said that the network is "led by a leading figure of Mujahideen of Morocco" - a little known group with ties to international terror groups. The statement added that the group's unnamed head was the subject of several national and international arrest warrants for his involvement in acts of violence and terror. The movement is "well organized, very dangerous and linked to contacts in other countries in the region," a security source said on condition of anonymity. "The head of the network holds close ties with international terrorist groups and succeeded in smuggling weapons into Morocco... with the aim of carrying out attacks," the source noted. In recent years, the Sahara region has seen a dramatic hike in the activities of smugglers and militants reportedly linked to the al-Qaeda, which has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on foreigners in the area. MP/MF/HJL
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