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Wed May 2, 2012 10:11AM
An explosion occurred on Tuesday outside EU offices in Buenos Aires.

An explosion occurred on Tuesday outside EU offices in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine foreign ministry has condemned an explosion that rocked the headquarters of the European Union delegation in the capital, Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires police said that the explosion took place early Tuesday outside the building that houses the EU offices, adding that the blast only caused minor damage to the building and a nearby parking lot, and there were no injuries. Argentina's Deputy Foreign Minister Eduardo Zuain called EU Ambassador Alfonso Diez Torres on Tuesday to express the foreign ministry’s solidarity with the bloc. Surveillance video footage showed that the blast occurred shortly after two men left a backpack outside the building. A witness also said the EU delegation's security guard was inside the building when the explosion happened. The event comes amid tensions between Argentina and the EU, following Buenos Aires’ move to nationalize an oil company owned by Spanish oil giant, Repsol. Last week, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner stressed that Argentina should take back the oil firm, formerly controlled by the Latin American country for over 70 years, as it is the only nation in the region "that does not manage its natural resources." Meanwhile, EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht criticized Argentina’s move against Repsol, saying Buenos Aires "puts under risk the future prosperity of the Argentine people," and that “its foreign trade policy was arbitrary.” However, Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman then sent a letter to de Gucht, saying the EU reaction as "excessive" and "unacceptable." SAB/GHN/MA
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