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Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:45PM
Denmark’s manager Morten Olsen

Denmark’s manager Morten Olsen

Danish football players have been forbidden from using social networking websites of Facebook and Twitter during the Euro 2012 championship to focus on the games. A spokesman for the Danish football federation, Lars Berendt, said Denmark’s manager Morten Olsen is opposed to players using their private Facebook or Twitter accounts during the Euro 2012. "There is already so much communication during European championship, that we must limit the time for meeting with the media," he said in comments made to Danish broadcaster TV2. Several Danish players are not satisfied with the manager’s decision as they often update their fans via Twitter and Facebook. Sunderland striker Nicklas Bendtner regularly writes about his life in England on his Twitter feed, which has 48,504 subscribers. "I do not agree, but do respect" the DFA's decision, Bendtner said, adding that social media is a personal communication channel for many players to share their feelings and thoughts after matches. Meanwhile, Denmark's Culture Minister Uffe Elbaek has blasted the move. "I absolutely do not understand this decision," he told Danish public broadcaster DR, adding he wanted an explanation from the federation. The UEFA Euro 2012 tournament will take place in Poland and Ukraine from June 8 to July 1. Denmark will face Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal in the first round. AGB/PKH
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