Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:32PM
The Argentinean government has warned that it will continue to take action to protect the country’s natural resources in the Malvinas Islands, Press TV reports. Argentine "will continue to implement all the actions stipulated by national and international legislation for the protection of renewable and non renewable resources which are patrimony of all Argentineans," the Foreign Office said in a statement. Buenos Aires decided to take legal actions against companies involved in “illegal” oil and gas activities in the Malvinas Islands. The Foreign Ministry announced this week that the oil giant British Petroleum has officially reported that it is not involved in the exploration of hydrocarbons off the Malvinas Islands and that it has no plans to enter the region. "This is not a territorial matter. We must stop the British from stealing our oil... They have interests in the Malvinas," Juan Antonio Matteo from Argentinean Federation of Municipalities told Press TV. Meanwhile, Secretary General to the Presidency Oscar Parrilli recently stated that Argentina’s defense of the Malvinas Islands is aligned with South America’s struggle against the UK “colonialism.” In June, UN Special Committee on Decolonization will address the islands’ case. June 14th marks the 30th anniversary of the end of the war between Argentina and the UK over the sovereignty of the Islands. AGB/PKH