Sun Apr 8, 2012 4:57PM
Iranian filmmaker, Panahbarkhoda Rezai

Iranian filmmaker, Panahbarkhoda Rezai

Iranian filmmaker Panahbarkhoda Rezai's latest production is slated to be screened at the 22nd Media Wave International Film and Music Festival in Hungry. Rezai's Daughter...Father...Daughter will take part in the Feature Films section of the festival. The 70-minute film has recently received the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema NETPAC Award of the 2011 Italy Asiatic Film Festival. The film poetically traces the solitary existence of three sisters living in a traditional region of Iran, where the occasional travelling salesman serves as a distraction from the general monotony. Born in 1977, Panahbarkhoda Rezai has made some 30 short films and documentaries, and participated in numerous international events including Ireland's 52nd Corona Cork Film Festival. He also made the documentary Song of the Light about the life and works of prominent painter Hossein Nouri, who painted a portrait of the Virgin Mary in front of Denmark's embassy in Tehran during the protests against the publication of insulting cartoons about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Danish papers. A light in the Fog (2007), Lion of Desert (2009), Man of God (2008), Season of Union (2008), As Bright As Light (2007) are among Rezai's better-known works. The 2012 edition of the Media Wave International Film and Music Festival will run from April 26 to 30, 2012. TNP/TE
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