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Sun Apr 8, 2012 2:56PM
File photo shows Bushehr nuclear power plant in south Iran.

File photo shows Bushehr nuclear power plant in south Iran.

Iranian Bushehr nuclear power plant project manager says this fall Iran will temporarily manage the power plant’s operations. Mahmoud Jafari told reporters on Sunday that the shift in management will be done according to the original contract with the power plant’s contactor in October or November, Fars News Agency reported. “After the temporary transfer [of operations to Iran], Iranian technicians will be responsible for all the operations [of the plant]. Presently, all the activities are carried out jointly by Iranian and Russian experts,” he added. The official went on to say that the power plant would achieve 100 percent of its nominal capacity in the near future, adding, “We predict that the 100-percent stage will be reached in early summer and this stage requires many tests to check the equipment included in the [power] circuit.” Jafari said Iranian technicians have already assumed control of certain parts of the power plant which indicates their readiness to commission the nuclear power plant. “After the temporary transfer [of operations], the manpower that has already been trained will assume responsibility for the power plant,” he added. Iran officially launched Bushehr nuclear power plant on September 12, 2011, which started by generating electricity at 40 percent of its capacity. The 1,000-megawatt plant was connected to the country’s national power grid with the power of 60 MW on September 3, 2011. It reached the capacity of 190 MW on September 27, and a day later it improved its capacity to 300 MW. The plant gained almost half of its nominal power on October 7 as it reached the capacity of 420 MW. SS/PKH/HGH/IS
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