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New York police under fire for spying on government critics
A New York City Police precinct is seen in Times Square, New York City, October 25, 2011.
Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:39AM
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The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has come under fire in a newly-uncovered scandal indicating its involvement in espionage efforts against lawful institutions and organizations.

Liberal political groups have reportedly been the key target of the latest police espionage operations, the Associated Press reports.

NYPD agents attended the meetings of liberal political organizations and kept intelligence files on activists that planned protests around the country.

Two activists, Jordan Flaherty, a journalist, and Marisa Franco, a labor organizer for housekeepers and nannies, were among those that were spied on by the police, the reports say.

NYPD carried out the spying operations against the activists under various pretexts such as their opposition to US economic and immigration policies as well as Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

The NYPD's record has been tainted with various scandals throughout its history.

The police force recently made headlines after revelations that it had been spying on Muslim citizens in New York City and in the neighboring State of New Jersey.

The US Attorney General Eric Holder said earlier in March that the misconduct of New York police is under federal review.

Holder voiced his concern about the issue, calling press reports on the situation "disturbing."

"Just what I've read in the newspapers is disturbing and these are things that are under review in the Justice Department," he said.

The head of FBI's New Jersey field office has recently admitted that the NYPD surveillance has damaged the trust between federal agents and Muslim communities.

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