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American voters have questioned the democratic nature of their country’s presidential elections, saying candidates are actually elected by their rich sponsors and thus support their belligerent policies , Press TV reports. “They become nothing more than puppets controlled and influenced by big money lenders and multinational corporations and that is solely who they work for now. This is no longer government of the people by the people and for the people,” US citizen Barry Knight said. Only one Republican candidate, Ron Paul, who has the least chance of winning the presidential race, has discussed cuts in US military funding and occupations overseas. The remaining three candidates are not anti-war and support US-led wars. “We are officially committed to getting the troops out of Iraq and even out of Afghanistan, so he is the closest thing we have to an anti-war candidate,” another citizen maintained. Recent surveys also suggest that the voters are dissatisfied with the current selection of candidates, seeking more variety in the presidential system. There have even been talks of a third party, but at this point that is highly unlikely. “The two party systems, it has given us a false idea that we can actually have change every four years by checking an R or D,” Knight added. AO/MA