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Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:17AM
The mangled parts of a car on the site of blast

The mangled parts of a car on the site of blast

A car bomb blast on a highway leading to a township in India’s Jammu and Kashmir has left at least four people dead and around 25 others injured, police say. Police suspect that the explosive-laden car went off accidentally after passing a police station in the Bijbehara Township, 50 kilometers south of Srinagar, Thursday. The driver of the car is believed to have been killed in the blast. Police are investigating and all angles are being looked into, south Kashmir’s Deputy Inspector General of Police, Shafqat Watali said. There are several security camps and vital installations in the vicinity of the blast site. At a distance of 20 kilometers from Bijbehara is Awantipora Air force base, one of the largest IAF formations in north India. The headquarters of the Victor Force, a counter-insurgency division of the army, is also in Awantipora. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the incident. The identity of the car driver also remains unknown. FTP/MA
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