Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:26PM
A McDonald's hamburger

A McDonald's hamburger

A McDonald’s restaurant in the Chinese capital Beijing has been accused of selling food beyond their expiration dates to customers. According to a report by China Central Television, McDonald's and French retailer Carrefour have sold expired food, including chicken products. The report points out that the outlet had served chicken wings 90 minutes after they were cooked, which is 60 minutes longer than the company’s rules permit. The Sanlitun branch has also been accused of not prioritizing food hygiene regulations and reusing foods which had dropped to the floor. The Chinese state television also found that employees at a Carrefour store in the central city of Zhengzhou extended expiration dates by altering the written time on food packages. "McDonald's China attaches great importance to this. We will immediately investigate this isolated incident, resolutely deal with it earnestly and take concrete actions to apologize to consumers," the Beijing restaurant said in a statement on its website. The US-based restaurant issued an apology on Friday, saying it has closed the restaurant for further investigation. The American fast-food giant is regularly criticized for its menu and business practices. The recent report is the latest in a series of food safety scandals in China including deadly infant formula, recycled restaurant oil, and contaminated pork products. SZH/JR
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