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'15.7 million US kids live in poverty'
Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:28PM
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Between 2009 and 2010, a million more American children have joined the ranks of those living in poverty, bringing the number of poverty-stricken US children to 15.7 million, a new study finds.

Researchers at the Carsey Institute of University of New Hampshire reported on Friday that nearly one in every four children aged less than six now live in poverty.

These one million children are among the 2.6 million children that have fallen into poverty since 2007, when the US economy slipped into recession.

"It is important to understand young child poverty specifically, as children who are poor before age 6 have been shown to experience educational deficits, and health problems, with effects that span the life course," the researchers said.

The South has the highest rate of child poverty at an estimated 24.2 percent, while the Northeast had the lowest rate of about 17.8 percent.

In addition, 28.7 percent of the children in urban areas and 25.4 percent of the children in rural areas live in poverty. The rate was as low as 16.1 percent in the suburbs.

Mississippi, with a 32.5-percent child poverty rate, has the highest number of children living in poverty, followed by the District of Columbia, the national capital of the United States, with a 30.4-percent child poverty rate and New Mexico with 30 percent.

New Hampshire (10 percent) has the lowest percentage of children living in poverty, followed by Connecticut (12.8 percent), and Alaska (12.9 percent).

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