Friday Sep 23, 201110:26 AM GMT
Jewish activists support Palestinian Statehood bid in NY protest
Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:28AM
Susan Modaress, Press TV, New York
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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will take the podium at the United Nations on Friday to make a plea for a Palestinian Statehood, just days after US President Barack Obama delivered his message of support and sympathy for Israel rejecting the Palestinian bid.

The US President's statements garnered strong support from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called the president's stance a "badge of honor".

However outside the walls of the United Nations headquarters, Jewish supporters for Palestine gathered to express their opposition and frustration with the policies of the Israeli government.

Organizers with the Jews united against Zionism gather today to show their solidarity and support with Palestinians around the world, notably those living under occupation in Gaza.

Behind heavily guarded police barricades the Rabbis many who travelled from Israel and Europe to attend the rally chanted slogans of support for a Palestinian state void of Israeli occupation and oppression.

Angered by the fact that religion has been used as a tool by their government to advance its political objectives, organizers say the biblical claim that Israel has used to claim divine right to the occupied lands have no historical basis.

The rabbis marched around the surrounding streets of the UN headquarters in a bid to raise awareness regarding the Palestinian cause from statehood to freedom, in their own words: "one step at a time".
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