Sunday Sep 18, 201103:38 PM GMT
Activists renew calls for justice for dead Spanish Cameraman
Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:27PM
Serene Assir, Press TV, Madrid
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It's been almost a year since Wikileaks revealed that the Spanish government was pressured to close the legal case brought by the José Couso family. In a gathering, Couso's brother and his lawyer are joined by scores of Spanish human rights activists in renewing the call for justice for the dead cameraman.

To Javier Couso, Wikileaks' unearthing of secret documents was proof of what he'd know along.

International journalists covering the Iraq war had given the US army full coordinates of their place of stay, but despite their precautionary efforts 'Hotel Palestine' became a target, killing José Couso and a Ukrainian journalist in an attack.

The Couso family launched a legal battle for justice under the Spanish law of universal jurisdiction - a rule designed to hear international cases brought on behalf of victims of grave crimes against international law. It appears other cases heard under this rule have also suffered similar external pressures. For example, cases filed against officials in Israel and China have faced serious problems.

Still, the Couso family continues to strive for redress, according to the principles of international law.The Couso family lawyer says the revelations expose challenges to Spain's democracy and independence of judicial system.

José Couso's story is just one of scores of journalists who have lost their lives covering dangerous world events. Experts say such loss of life is not only a tragedy for the fallen and their families: it's also a crime against the fundamental right of freedom of expression that people across the world value so deeply.
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