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Nigeria floods death toll climbs to 98
Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:6AM
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A heavy flood swept away a connecting bridge in Nigeria's southwestern city of Ibadan, 150km (90 miles) north of commercial hub Lagos August 30, 2011.
Floods in southwestern Nigeria have left around 100 people dead as thousands of others have been displaced in the West African country.

At least 98 people were confirmed dead in the city of Ibadan after an ocean surge left more than 1,000 homeless in the country's commercial capital Lagos, Reuters reported.

Thousands more have been displaced in the southwest.

The disaster began two days ago when heavy rains caused a dam to overflow.

The downpour resulted in a serious traffic jam and many abandoned their vehicles to escape the flood.

Many bridges collapsed and cars submerged following the devastating flood.

Nigeria is prone to seasonal flash floods. This year, however, authorities have warned of harsher conditions during the rainy season.

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